The Band

The Band

Toxey Calven – Strings, Vocals 

Cory Eastgate – Drums

While every genre of music has it’s style and rendition, Calven sets forth to command that the innovative, new rock alternative has arrived!  With their surprisingly heavy tones, melodic rythyms, passionate vocals, and stylistic drum patterns, this dynamic power duo gives your ear buds a taste of what this new modern rock truly sounds like!  Even though, they keep their sound as simple as possible, Calven still seems to utilize plenty of complex orientation, along with tasteful aggression, to add to their smooth approach, providing you or any other potential listener a truly unique rock experience!

Stemming from this new rock era, along with plenty of other talented musicians and bands that were formed in Akron Ohio, Calven has had the luxury of opening for several national acts, and has played a number of music festivals, as well as contributed their performances to, and around their respective local and regional music scenes.  Since forming as their own entity in 2016, Calven has also recently released their first [EP] titled, “To Each Their Own” (out now) and are currently in the studio working on their latest [EP], as yet to be titled, for release later this year.

“We decided to really elaborate on what inspires us the most and pull from that on writing our new material,” explains Tox [guitars/vocals], “Anything goes really.  From the things that inspire us now, or have done so before, to just those certain people, experiences or relationships we might have had.  Good or bad, it all comes from the same place.  So we try and make a soundtrack of it.”  Cory [drums] jokingly adds, “For all the right reasons, we were blessed with plenty of those opportunities!  It’s all a good thing I think anyways!”

While there is plenty of new music out there, Calven is sure to stand out amongst the rest, and provides plenty of rock and entertainment to go along with their charm!  Give them a listen!  Share with your friends!  Connect with them socially!  Help support them in any way!  But by all means, go and get your  FREE  music!  This dynamic duo will not only inspire your mind, body, and soul, but will also leave your ears intrigued and surely wondering how only just the two of them can sound this big!